Care & Maintenance


General Cleaning

The Stash Stainless Bass requires very little maintenance. From time to time you may want to clean grease from finger prints from all of the stainless parts. To do so:

  • Use an alcohol based de-greaser or a product such as Windex or mild dish washing soap to remove the grease.
  • Occasionally to refresh the surface of the metal parts, you can apply a very small amount of light virgin olive oil to the body with a soft cloth for polishing (avoid oiling the strings).





The neck is permanently straight and does not require any adjustments.


Intonation Mechanism

  • Each individual intonation mechanism contains one M2.5 screw moving the post along the string direction. Use a No 1.5mm Allen key to adjust the position of the post if needed.
  • The intonation mechanism also has three M2 set screws for adjusting the height of the string at the bridge. Use No. 1mm Allan key if needed.
  • All screws at the intonation mechanism are semi-permanently locked with Loctite thread locking glue prior the shipment. We recommend locking the intonation screws after any final adjustment.
  • All other screws of the bass guitar are semi-permanently locked with Loctite thread locking epoxy and should not be removed.


Connecting your Strap

Make sure that your chest strap is safely secured with a threaded nut which is designed to accommodate most of standard straps and basses weighing 10lbs.



The bass guitar’s electronics are properly grounded. It is essential that the amplifier in use is also properly grounded to provide continues connection of the ground through the guitar cable.