Stash Stainless Bass FAQ's


Why re-design the bass guitar?

Quite simply, I see many gorgeous basses come out every week, but I wanted to try something new, that I have not seen before. I wanted it to look and sound great. Music and design for that matter, is something people should constantly be exploring. If the status quo is not being challenged we would have missed out on so many great developments in both of these fields. I hope to keep exploring and to create the tools for many others to keep discovering new bass sounds and techniques.


Can I use all of the same techniques that I learned on a conventional bass?

Yes. Slapping, popping, finger picking, chords all sound great on the bass. Watch some sample techniques being played on our YouTube channel.


Is playing on the tubular neck a challenge?

Be sure to check out the videos posted on our Facebook page. They are of people trying the Stash Stainless bass for the first time — captured within the first hour!

Players of the Stash Stainless Bass have stated it was simple to pick up, however, making the transition to any new instrument requires patience and learning from every player. No matter how experienced or novice of a player you are, the effort you put into practice will match your personal goals and expectations. 


Does the Stash Stainless Bass come in a variety of models?

Yes, the fretless 35” scale bass will be available, and the company has some more surprises for the future!


How can I order a bass?

Please see the How to Buy page. The Stash Stainless Bass will be available for an introductory price of $3000 plus applicable taxes and shipping fees. This price is a limited offer. To purchase one, get in touch with us by filling out the form and we can get your new bass guitar ready for you.